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Friday, February 6, 2009

Alan Bishop

I started paddling as a way to sport fish in 2007 after seeing other fishermen trade boats in for kayaks; I was hooked. Purchased the Wilderness Tarpon 16 from Fairhope Boat Company and immediately filled my freezers with fish from Mobile Bay. I found it easy to fish and get around Mobile Bay with my Tarpon and out fishing any speed boat that motored my way. Participated in the 1st Annual Kayak Fishing Tournament in Mobile Bay; landed a beauty 8+lb speckled trout off the jetties of the Grand Hotel in Pt Clear, paddled back to the Fairhope Pier in record time for the weigh-in for 1st place. Love the full moon and rice creek to Indian mound paddles. Also, hooking that shark or red fish and going for a free ride across Mobile Bay is an awesome rush. So much water, so little time!