Pictures and a brief intro to our members.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Jerry Inman

I am snowbird from Michigan. I learned of the club from Harriet Ingraham during a visit to the Fairhope Boat Company. While in Alabama I paddle a 17’ wood fiberglass Arctic Tern that I constructed using a kit from Pigmy Kayaks of Port Townsend, WA. I have truly enjoyed the experience, and the camaraderie of every paddle in which I have participated. While in Michigan I mostly paddle racing canoes, sometimes a single but more often in tandem with a partner.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Nancy Ward

I've paddled with MBCKC seriously for five years and, before that, off and on while on lengthy vacations to the area. I'm originally from the Detroit, Michigan area where I did quite a bit of canoeing but never owned my own boat. I found it frustrating that MI summers are so short. Also, the water never gets warm enough to suit me. I love Alabama's summers with their warm/hot days and warm water. Besides, it's always cooler down by the water. I'm an intermediate paddler. I can handle harder trips than the easy, relaxing ones I lead. I have a Santee XL which is wide and extremely stable. Most of the time I use my Tampico which tracks reasonably well and, at 13 1/2 ft., is long and slender enough to handle some waves and also twisty, turny creeks. At 38 pounds a woman can lift it onto her car. I spend about 1/2 the year here in Fairhope and 1/2 the year in Tucson, Arizona. Believe it or not there's a paddling club out there, Southern Arizona Paddlers. However, folks have to do most of their paddling on weekend trips plus check the flow of the rivers. The proposed release of water by the Army Corp of Engineers is published on the internet. There IS white water in addition to calmer flows. I hike, not paddle, in Arizona.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Michael and Debbie Milling

Michael and Debbie have been paddling with the club since 2004

We have a couple of Wilderness Pungo 140's that we have managed to keep up on top of the water thus far. It is such a great way to explore the delta and meet interesting people with similar interests.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Alan Bishop

I started paddling as a way to sport fish in 2007 after seeing other fishermen trade boats in for kayaks; I was hooked. Purchased the Wilderness Tarpon 16 from Fairhope Boat Company and immediately filled my freezers with fish from Mobile Bay. I found it easy to fish and get around Mobile Bay with my Tarpon and out fishing any speed boat that motored my way. Participated in the 1st Annual Kayak Fishing Tournament in Mobile Bay; landed a beauty 8+lb speckled trout off the jetties of the Grand Hotel in Pt Clear, paddled back to the Fairhope Pier in record time for the weigh-in for 1st place. Love the full moon and rice creek to Indian mound paddles. Also, hooking that shark or red fish and going for a free ride across Mobile Bay is an awesome rush. So much water, so little time!

Ron & Suzanne Smith

Ron & Suzie joined the club in 2009 and are seasonal residents of the Mobile Bay Area. Ron & Suzie are ACA Coastal Kayak Instructors and own and operate Black Parrot Paddling, LLC Seakayak & Canoe Instructional Centre in Hamburg, MI.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Juli Day

Juli has been paddling with the club since March 2002.

I currently paddle a 15'6" mango orange Hurricane - Willow
Acquired a Hurricane - Tampico from Harriett in 2003 - she still regrets this. A fantastic boat that I still love and paddle. Using the Tampico I won first place for all boats 16' and under in the Mississippi Blues Cruz 22 mile race in 2006.

Ron Roberson

Ron has been paddling with the club since 2009.

I am from Maryland and have done mostly white-water kayaking. I have two kayaks; and the one I brought with me is a 9-foot Dagger Approach with a rudder allowing it to track-well in flat-water. I am interested in joining a paddle any day, but especially during the week. I am living in the Fairhope area from January through March.
My local phone number is 251-928-7588.
My cell phone is 301-526-3995.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Rob Nykvist

Rob has been paddling with the club since June 2001.

I currently pedal a Hobie Outback and paddle a Necky Zoar Sport. In November 2003 I started pedaling a kayak instead of a bicycle for safer exercise. The is no road rash if you fall off while bicycling a kayak. This area's natural streamside botanical gardens are unspoiled and the zoo creatures are untamed. For me, each and every kayak trip is an adventure. I keep a photo journal of kayaking trips and the highlights of those trips can be found at: So many waterways, so little time...hope to see you on the water!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

John Kennedy

John has been paddling with the club since 2009.

I have a Native Ultimate 14.5 Tandem. I am new to the sport and am looking forward to exploring the areas many waterways. I got interested in kayaking while doing a search for camping areas in this area and found the Bartam Canoe Trail. I am a backpacker as well and am currently section hiking the Appalachian Trail. Also interested in motorcycling. My wife and I have a Honda Goldwing. Our longest trip so far was last summer when we rode out to Colorado. We logged about 4500 miles on that trip.

Suely Chiang-Munsell

Suely has been paddling with the club since 2008.

I used to canoe back in Singapore during college days but never picked it back up again till 2008. Early 2008, I had purchased a SOT which did not allow me to go the distance I wanted to. I did not become addicted till my husband got me a Hurricane Tampico 140L and Harriet introduced me to MBCKC. I paddle mostly after work on Little Lagoon in Gulf Shores and really enjoy exploring new areas on paddle trips arranged by folks of MBCKC. Thank you for broadening my horizon!!!

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Mike Rayburn

Mike has been paddling with the club since 2008.

I am a paddler from Tennessee and a member of the TSRA. I have a condo at the Beach Club in Gulf Shores and will enjoy getting out with the MBCKC members when in town. I paddle a Nigel Foster Legend and prefer flatwater and blackwater touring.

Steve Day

Steve has been paddling with the club since 2007.

Steve built his Diva 2 tandem kayak during his recovery from a kidney transplant operation where he donated to his son, John. The kayak was completed in September 2007, is stitch & glue construction, and is 18' 6" long. Steve and his wife, Gina paddle together when they get a chance in their busy retired life in Daphne. Look for us to get more active this coming spring.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Paul Taylor

Paul has been paddling with the club since 2006.

I started with a river kayak on my first trip out with the club and found out quick that i needed a different kayak. Now I have a Hobie Outback named the Kaddilac Kayak. In the time I have been yaking I have enjoyed both fishing and touring, alone and with a group. My favorite paddles are long ones 10 miles or more with a start and pick up point.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Brint Adams

MBCKC Past Webmaster
Brint has been paddling with the club since 2003.

I lived in Spanish Fort from 2003 to 2006 and was very active in MBCKC until work pulled me away to Central Florida. I truly miss the weekly trips we made to all parts of the delta, bay and offshore. Many of the posted MBCKC trip reports during that time are mine, which remind me of the great times we had on club trips across the region. I will make it back again sometime. In the meantime, I continue to race on the Florida Competitive Paddlers Association circuit in a 20' Ruahine F1 and a 19' Seda Glider. I hope to see y'all soon up in the lower delta.

Tom Meyer

Tom has been paddling with the club since 2001 or 2002.

I paddle a green Necky Eskia 16".
The paddle environment in this area is so rich that you could literally paddle a different named waterway every day for a year without repeating a paddle. Paddling satisfies a deep itch in me to be outside and it's really easy to scratch that itch around here. I love taking the outdoors on it's own terms. I love the camaraderie of this paddle community. Nothing beats a good paddle trip except a good paddle trip in good company. And there's plenty of that to go around in MBCKC. I believe you must make your own magic. Think of your kayak as a magic water wand.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Maggie Pyle

MBCKC Past Club Coordinator     Maggie has been paddling with the club since 2007.

I paddle a Necky Looksha IV (16'6") and a Current Designs Vision 130 (13'). Being on the water in a simple and direct way is what I love about kayak paddling. Being part of the MBCKC provides wonderful paddles to share with other like-minded folks and at the same time MBCKC offers many new skills to learn and new paddles to explore.

Russ Lea

Russ has been a paddling with the club since summer 2007.

I enjoy paddling the gulf, the delta, and blackwater rivers and creeks. I paddle an 18 ft. "Northwest" sea kayak for touring trips and enjoy fishing from my 14 ft. Hurricane. When I travel the US, I rent kayaks and take in the local scenery and fishing. The club has allowed me to participate in some fantastic paddles, and I am always ready for the camaraderie of a full moon paddle.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Tracy Lannie

MBCKC Club Coordinator                    Tracy has been paddling with the club since March 2006.

I currently paddle a P&H Cetus (17'10") and a Current Designs Kestrel (14'). My favorite thing about paddling is the opportunity it provides to view wildlife. I love seeing gators as well as birds, turtles, and blooming plants. I relish being 'out in nature', and kayaking is my favorite activity that puts me there.

David Lannie

David has been paddling with the club since 2006.

I paddle a 19' Seda Glider and have enjoyed every paddle with the club. I love taking pictures of the wildlife and meeting all the great people that paddle. You will notice that I am very quiet. It's just my nature.
My wife, Tracy, and I started paddling after we visited one of our exchange students and experienced paddling there.